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Make a picture frame, dish, bedroom door sign, favorite animal plate,etc,
add texture, pattern and color. After the project is made there is time for cake,food and a birthday song.
We will glaze and fire the piece and it can be collected after 10 -14 days.

We welcome cake and decorations! Please bring plates and cups if needed. *We know of some great local makers of cupcakes, ice cream and sno cones that can come on-site if you would like suggestions.

p.s. don't forget, the teacher loves cake too! Save a piece for Miss McCheek

Please call or email for reservations

2 hours
Ages 6-12
Limit 12 children
Minimum 8 children

$35 per child







Saturday 14th November





3- 5 year olds (with parent)
10–11:30 am

6-11 year olds
2–4 pm


$30 per child

$35 per child

Registration and payment in advance is required for this class.
Please register and pay HERE


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